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DNA PCR Primer
Just order as many DNA bases you need in total and send your sequences to oligos@biotez.de with or without the ordering form.
Example: You want 16 primers with a total of 324 bases, so order here 324 bases.
Purification level: desalted; synthesis scale of 5 nmol
0,32 EUR
5 Streptavidin-coated 8-well strip plate, C well, clear Polystyrene
12 x 8-well strips and frame, C well, polystyrene strips, clear; Colorimetric standard immunoassays and sensitive DNA hybridization assays; Streptavidin-coated solid phase serves as a reliable capture surface for any biotinylated molecule
141,34 EUR
Recombinant SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid Protein full length, His-tagged (PODTC9) NC_045512.2, 100µg

Recombinant SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid protein from BioTeZ is expressed in E.coli cells. The protein consists of 419 amino acids and an N-terminal His6-tag.  The calculated Molecular Weight range of the His-tagged protein is 46.5 kDa. The protein is solubilized in 25 mM Na- Phosphat 6.8, 250 mM NaCl, 2 mM ß-Mercaptoethanol.

556,98 EUR
Polystreptavidin R Coating Kit 1000 ml
Reagents for Polystreptavidin R Coating inclusive Pre-Coating for preparing coatings with a Biotin binding capacity of the type "Maximum Capacity"

We recommend for all materials with the exception of microplates, which are manufactured specifically for adsorptive coatings, to start with a concentration of 20 µg/mL (microplates with a concentration of 10µg/mL).
The Kit BTCK-MC1000 contains 8 x 6.5 mg Polystreptavidin.
2.539,34 EUR
BioTeZ  recoveryELISA IgE / Omalizumab Kit  (RIO), 96 Well
With the recoveryELISA IgE / Omalizumab Kit (RIO) the following parameters will be parallel obtained:
1. free IgE concentration
2. IgE neutralization rate
3. level of available Omalizumab in the sera of the patients, during therapy.
743,25 EUR
EXTRACT HtrA1 mini
The procedure is fast and simple with an average cell to sample purification time of less than 2 hours. Each kit provides sufficient reagents for preparing 10 extracts for an enrichment of HtrA1 about 200-300 ng per extract...
192,85 EUR

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New product

Streptavidin recombinant Poly-HRP labelled 100 µg
Streptavidin-Poly-HRP solution should be titrated for optimal results in individual systems.
Attention, when using Azide in buffer of your application system: Azide will inhibit HRP activity.
HRP is light sensitive. Avoid excessive exposure to light.
123,37 EUR
B-TeZ PCSK9 Neutralization Rate/Evolocumab Kit (RPE), 96 Well
With the recoveryELISA PCSK9 Neutralization Rate/Evolocumab Kit (RPE)the following parameters will be parallel obtained:
1. free PCSK9 concentration
2. PCSK9 neutralization rate
3. level of available Evolocumab in the sera of the patients, during therapy.
734,25 EUR
Polystreptavidin R Glass Material Coating Kit
Reagents for Polystreptavidin R Coating inclusive Pre-Coating of Glass Material for preparing coatings with a Biotin binding capacity of the type "Maximum Capacity"
285,08 EUR
BioTeZ Peroxidase Labelling Kit (Poly-HRP) for 5 Labels
The kit can be applied for the production of Poly-Peroxidase conjugates of antibodies and other proteins. The coupling reaction takes place at primary amino groups on the antibody/protein using Pre-activates Poly-HRP, which form stable amide bonds. Generally, proteins have a sufficient number of amino groups for coupling, both N-terminal and lysine residues.
The labeling aliquotes are designed for a standard coupling of 1 mg antibody (immunoglobulins, such as IgG). For the labeling of other proteins, the amount to be used must be calculated accordingly.
347,36 EUR
PAS-Poly-HRP (Conjugate) 100 µg
PAS antibody conjugated with Poly-HRP 100 µg
PAS antibody (monoclonal mouse antibody) is part of the TA-PAS labelling system.
PAS-Poly-HRP conjugate binds fast and with high affinity to the TA-Label (e.g. TA-Labelled primary antibodies). It is an alternative to Streptavidin-HRP or Poly-HRP.

The TA-PAS labelling kit allows antibodies, proteins, primer etc. to be covalently labelled with the TA-Label quickly and easily. The pre-activated TA-Label is designated for the coupling reaction with target molecules through the reaction with primary amino groups...
321,01 EUR